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The online market place has evolved into a gigantic global playing field where brand reputations are being built and sustained on the one hand and lost on the other, in quick time. Essentially, the fundamentals of brand management has remained the same wherein it takes harder efforts and longer time to build a brand while it takes just a minor error and much less time to lose the brand’s reputation. Therefore, online businesses today, are adopting processes to safeguard and sustain the reputation of their brands. Online reputation management is now a critical part of the growth strategy of online businesses.

Ensure Positive Search Results

It is important that you ensure the search results for your set of keywords do not show anything negative at least in the first couple of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) if not more. This is where brand wars are won or lost. Ideally, there should be no negative results for your set of keywords in the SERPs but that is a difficult expectation for an established brand. Glowebtech will ensure that the first couple of SERPs for all your keywords show only positive results.

Damaging Outcome of Negative Content

Whenever there appears a negative result for any of your keywords in the first couple of SERPs, pushing it out into the depths amongst the lower ranked pages becomes the topmost priority. This is not easy to achieve and a lot of ORM service providers end up using unauthorized or black hat methods to achieve the objectives. Our approach toward such challenges has always been in compliance with search engine rules as well as a positive approach toward the massive effort it requires. There are no short cuts here.

Difficulties in Recovering Lost Ground

It can be really difficult to cover lost ground in the online market place. If it has opened up endless opportunities for the seller, it has also provided the buyer with multiple options. The sheer number options available to your customer make him the most slippery buyer and it requires you to be constantly in his good books to keep him interested. If you lose your premier position in your SERPs to negative links posted by

Choose the Right ORM Partner

The survival and success of your online business depends on the capabilities of your ORM partner. With the new set of rules that have been adopted by Google and most other search engines in relation to the kind of content you post, it will be difficult to achieve results using the old methods. Interestingly, a large number of ORM service providers are either not aware of it or are not capable enough to develop content by adhering to the new guidelines.

When we take up the responsibility of managing your online reputation, the priorities are dealt with systematically and in compliance with the new rules adopted by Google and the other search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Bing. At the end of the day, it is the survival and success of your business that will help us grow. Unfortunately, this perspective is not common among a lot of outfits that claim to provide ORM services.